Hydrate Up Sampler - 1 serve

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Hydrate Up Sampler - 1 serve

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Healthy Hydration For Pregnant, Breastfeeding and Postpartum 

Refreshing, clean hydration that is packed with essential electrolytes, highly bioactive folate, vitamins and minerals   

We only put the good stuff in - we've got you. 

  • 50% of the hydration powder is made up of organic coconut water that is rich in naturally occurring electrolytes
  • Highly bioavailable folate from  methylated folate (L-5-MTHF) which means your body can absorb easier and quicker than folic acid
  • Magnesium, calcium and 70 trace minerals from the award wining super ingredient Aquamin (red algae harvested off the coastline of Iceland) 
  • Vitamin C from wild crafted sea buckthorn, a natural superfood to help support recovery 
  • Low in sugar - only 1.3g per serve 
  • No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Friendly for babies (dairy free, soy free, gluten free)

Oh, did we mention… it’s all natural, vegan friendly, free from refined sugars, made with real Australian grown fruit juice and is TASTY AF!  #micdrop

When To Use

We've got you during the times you need a helping hand


When you feel nauseous and struggle to keep things down


When you use up a lot energy and water whilst breastfeeding

Dehydrated & Exhausted

When you don't drink enough water and feel tired throughout the day

Post Workout

When you just did a workout and need a recovery drink

Key Ingredients

Organic Coconut Water

Sourced from organic tender green coconuts, this premium grade coconut water helps with hydration and delivers rich natural occurring electrolytes

Aquamin (Plant based multi-mineral complex)

The award winning super ingredient Aquamin is made from red algae harvested of the coast of Iceland. Aquamin provides bio-available calcium, magnesium and 70 trace minerals.

Australian Grown Fruit

We use real Australian grown fruit made from whole Australian strawberries and 100% Kensington Pride Mangoes. Fruits are a great natural source of vitamin C.

Wild Crafted Sea Buckthorn Juice

A natural superfood rich in vitamins including vitamin C to help support recovery and general wellbeing.

L-5-MTHF Methylated Folate

Highly bioavailable folate from methylated folate which is more bioavailable form that your body can absorb and use.

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How to Use

Here are some ideas to make your hydrate up more interesting 1) squeeze a little a bit of lemon or add a few slices of fruit. 2) Add cold sparking water instead of plain water 3) If it's a hot weather, freeze some hydrate up and have it later as icy popsicles

**Please note that we recommend that you speak with a health care professional when introducing any new nutritional products or supplements in your diet.

***If you are experiencing difficulties with milk supply, please consult your health care practitioner


How many can I drink per day?

We always recommend you consult your health professional when using any new supplements or nutritional products as they will be able to determine your individual needs based on your health records.

But generally as guide we recommend the following you consume 1-3 serves per day

How do I know if I'm dehydrated?

Easiest way is to look at the colour of your pee - if it's dark yellow then it's a good chance you are dehydrated. Also having dry lips, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness can also be indications of dehydration.

How much fluid should i be drinking?

If you are pregnant: It is recommended that you drink about 2.3L (around 10-12 glasses) per day.

If you are breastfeeding: It is recommended that you drink about 2.6L (12-15 glasses) per day

For everyone else: at least 2L.

Why not just drink water?

Water is the best form of hydration and everyone should be drinking a lot of it! But a lot of us don't drink enough cause we forget, we are too busy, we find it boring, we feel sick, etc. Hydrate Up was created to help with these reasons.

What makes you different from other hydration drinks?

Where should be start? There are quite a few differences:

1) Our first ingredient isn't sugar! If you read the ingredient list of other brands, the first ingredient listed is sugar/sucrose OR Flavouring. The first ingredient list in a product indicates what the bulk of the product is made with. Hydrate up is made up of 73% organic water and plant based minerals.

2) Low in sugar - only 1.3g of sugar per serve compared to over 12g of some of the popular brands.

3) No added sugar. Our hydrate up contains no added sugar and is naturally sweetened by coconut water, fruit and stevia

4) We use methylated folate not folic acid. Methylated Folate is highly bioavailable form that your body can absorb

5) Majority of our ingredients are real not processed and from real natural sources such as red algae, coconut and Australian fruit.

Can I drink these while taking prenatal vitamins?

Hydrate Up contains a small amount of folate (50 micrograms per sachet) and is designed to help support your daily requirement but not replace your supplements. As always we recommend you consult with your healthcare professional when introducing any new nutrition products or supplements

Are your drinks carbonated?

Nope but you can add sparking water instead of still water if you are looking for that fizz.