Yas Queen Max Vegan Protein 300g Choc Mint

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Yas Queen Max Vegan Protein 300g Choc Mint

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Max Hit Of Vegan Protein and Smooth Taste For Queens 

Smooth, creamy and rich in texture thanks to the unique blend of pea protein isolate and faba bean 

  • 20-21.6g of vegan protein per 30g serve
  • High Protein Source to support pregnancy & postpartum 
  • Low in sugar, less than 0.5g per serve
  • Choc Mint: A refreshing spin on premium chocolate vegan protein with the flavour of freshly ground dried mint. 
  • Easy to use - add water or milk and shake

Oh, did we mention… it’s all natural, made from Australian grown peas and faba beans, free from refined sugars, without any fillers or gums and is TASTY AF!  #micdrop

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Gluten &
      Dairy Free

    Best protein smoothie I've ever tried! The rest were weird tasting and gives me a headache but this one boy oh boy it's sweet and feels like a treat!


    We've got you

    Breakfast or mid arvo snack


    Kick hunger pangs

    Who run the world? QUEENS!

    Hey Mama VS Others

    Hey Mama Max Protein

    Australian Grown Protein

    Pea Protein Isolate

    Faba Bean (smooth & creamy)

    Low in sugar, 0.5g per serve

    No fillers or gums

    All Natural Ingredients

    Free from refined sugars

    Other Proteins

    Overseas grown protein

    Pea Protein, not isolate

    Rice Protein

    Higher sugar per serve

    Contains fillers and gums

    Artifical ingredients

    Contains refined sugars or sucralose

    Key Info

    Australian Pea Protein Isolate

    Highly digestible plant-based protein source, ideal for anyone sensitive to lactose or gluten Our Pea Pro is a low-carb, lactose & soy-free vegan-friendly protein, easy to digest and free from commonly used chemicals (such as hexane).

    Australian Faba Bean Protein

    We've taken out the rice protein in all our blends and replaced it with a small amount of Faba Bean Protein. This is super high in protein, creamy and rich in texture and also very neutral tasting, it's also grown right here in Australia and is 10 x more carbon neutral than whey protein.

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    Froth it Or Your Money Back!

    Hey mama, everyone is different and one mama's holy grail could be another's total flop.

    That’s why you’re covered by a  30-day guarantee. If you don’t love the product, if it doesn’t work as expected, or if you have any problems at all — you can get a refund*.

    No hassle or hoops to jump through. Simply contact our Aussie based customer care team and we’ll help you!

    *Please visit our refund policy page for more detail on our 30 day money back guarantee.

    How to Use

    How often: Whenever you are need of nutritious protein boost. Especially before or after physical workouts. Remember to feed your body so it can recover better and faster.

    *For more ideas, visit our IG Recipe page: @heymamasrecipes

    **Please note that Hey Mama products are not a meal replacement shake. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet.


    Can i take the protein while pregnant?

    Although we stripped away all the unecessaries and nasties keeping the proteins clean and natural, we do however recommend you first speak to your GP or healthcare practioner before incorporating any supplements or foods into your diet as every mama's diet and health is different.

    Why is protein intake important for postpartum recovery?

    Protein is an essential building block especially after giving birth as it helps your body recover from childbirth. Protein also an essential for supporting the production of breast milk.

    Is Hey mama made in australia?

    We are 100% owned and made in Australia!

    Does protein help with weight loss?

    Short answer, yes! It reduces calories in and boosts calories out. BUT, our Yas Queen Max Protein should not be used as a meal replacement and should be used in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet.

    When are the best times to take Yas Queen Protein?

    1) Post workout - 30mins to 1hr after a workout.

    2)Quick breakfast - add some fruits, peanuts or veggies with milk and

    3) Mid morning/arvo snack

    How often can i take protein?

    We recommend 1-2 times a day in conjuction with proper meals

    What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

    We’d be surprised if you didn’t totally love your Yas Queen Max Protein. However, we appreciate everyone has unique preferences and expectations. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Send us back the Yas Queen Max Protein and we refund you the cost minus the shipping.

    For more details on our refund policy, visit our refund policy page.