Pregnancy Just Got Easier

Monthly check lists, questions to ask, video demos, songs and tips; no lengthly paragraphs! It's interactive, practical and straight to the point.

Our guide is for a new generation of first-time parents who want information quick, consise and practical. Created in partnership with midwife, doctor and a founder.

The Simplest Pregnancy & Birth Guide Book is a game changer for first time parents.

Our guide covers the practical and fun details of every month pregnancy, including:

- Monthy checklist on what to do

- What to expect from each doctor's visit

- What questions to ask your doctor

- Video demonstrations & tutorials

- Fun and practical activities to each month

- 'Copy & paste' how to ask/tell work and family members

- When and how to plan for events like baby moon, showers

- Journal prompts with accompany music playlist

- Budget planners, hospital lists, birth plans

and so much more!

With lines for jotting notes on the go, this guide book travels everywhere with parents-to-be, making what to do, how and when; making the pregnancy journey much less stressful.

You've got this, we've got you!


Overwhelmed by all the parenting books? Us to!

The Resason Why We Created It

There are so many pregnancy books out there and don't get us wrong, some of them contain great information but... the sheer size of the books and amount information you have to shift through, can be really overwhelming.

We believe that parents should have at least the basics to help them make informed and empowered decisions during their pregnancy journey.

Both of us (Tylah and I) have been asked by so many parents-to-be; our friends, family, patients and customers on what they should do - which is very surprisingly considering there are already so many books and so much information available online.

But when we went through some of them, we too were overwhemed, and could barely get through reading them, not to mention the size and weight of some of these books could probably knock someone out!

One day whilst going through one of the 'textbook size books' i jokingly said to Tylah "I wish there was a cheatsheet template that you could copy, a youtube video exercise to watch instead reading, a music playlist to listen to when I'm writing, a sparknotes summary I could read; I just want key points and quick and easy solutions and not have to go through all this. The lengthly paragraphs and explanation can come after IF I feel like I need to know more but for now, I just want it to be easy and fun for me to learn, follow and do."

And that's how the idea for The Simplest Pregnancy & Birth Guide Book was born.

This is for all you new-parents-to-be, we made it simple, easy and fun, we've got you.

Love, Tylah and Lisa.

(Midwife) & (The Founder of Hey Mama)