TRIPLE UP BUNDLE - Lactation Protein Smoothie 750g (Choose any 3 flavours)

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  • Milk-inducing goodness from galactagogues (milk thistle, flaxseed and gluten free brewer’s yeast)
  • 10g of Vegan protein per serve to assist with recovery and keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Superfoods likes MCT oil and Acai berry to help give you that much needed energy boost 
  • Prebiotic Fibre from chicory root to help with digestion and gut health 
  • 500mg of Sunflower Lecithin per serve to help with stickiness and blocked ducts
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives, sweeteners 
  • Friendly for babies (dairy free, gluten free)
  • Versatile and easy to use (can be added in smoothies, baked into foods or drunk straight up)
  • The best value bundle we have to offer
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Oh, did we mention… it’s vegan friendly, all natural, free from soy and refined sugars and is TASTY AF!  #micdrop

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Gluten &
      Dairy Free

    When To Use

    We've got you during those times when you need some extra help


    On busy mornings when you don't have time and need a quick and filling smoothie

    Afternoon / Evening Feeds

    Boost your energy levels and keep the nursing hunger pangs at bay

    Going back to Work

    Build a milk stash

    Post - Workout

    To help muscles recover and regulate appetite

    Sick/ Off Days

    Days when you can't keep any thing down

    Key Ingredients

    Vegan Protein

    Canadian pea protein and brown rice protein added to support increased demands of postpartum healing and milk production. Also regulates appetite

    Brewer's Yeast (GLUTEN FREE)

    Brewer's yeast is well known for its milk production boosting properties. While most gluten free brewer's yeast is sourced from China, our brewer's yeast is sourced from Belgium.

    Milk Thistle

    Milk thistle is a popular natural antioxidant that not only helps boost milk supply but also aids in digestion and detoxification.

    MCT Oil

    Popular with athletes, MCT oil is particularly common for those following a ketogenic diet. Improves mental clarity, focus and appetite control.

    Golden Flaxseed

    Golden flax seeds have estrogenic properties that can help nursing mums make more milk and are also high in Omega-3 Fats.

    Sunflower Lecithin

    Sunflower lecithin is a natural fat emulsifier that may help to reduce the ‘stickiness’ of the milk and deter fats from clumping together and blocking milk ducts.

    Acai Berry

    Acai Berry is superberry naturally from the amazon that is loaded with antioxidants and contains manganese which contributes to energy metabolism.

    Chicory Root

    Chicory Root is packed with prebiotic fiber inulin to help with bloating and promote optimal gut health

    Raw Cacao

    Cacao is a superfood that is packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants.It is also a natural ‘mood booster’ as it contains anandamide, a natural euphoric compound and tryptophan, a natural antidepressant.

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    How often: 1-2 a day, during times especially when you need a protein and energy boost.

    *For more ideas, visit our IG Recipe page: @heymamasrecipes

    **Please note that Hey Mama products are not a meal replacement shake. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet.

    ***If you are experiencing difficulties with milk supply, please consult your health care practitioner



    Can i take the smoothies while pregnant?

    Although some of our mums have taken our smoothies a few days from giving birth to nourish their body, we recommend that pregnant mums seek professional advice from their GP first to be safe as every mum's dietary and health needs are different.

    When will i start seeing results?

    Just like with everything in life, it varies as every mama is different. But we have had some mamas see results within 24hrs after taking 1-2 serves and some 3-4 days. We recommend that mamas try the product continuously for 3-4 days.

    Why is protein intake important whilst breastfeeding?

    Protein needs are nearly 30% greater while breastfeeding than non lactating women. This is because mums burn up to 500 calories from breastfeeding.

    Is Hey mama made in australia?

    We are 100% owned and made in Australia!

    What makes Hey mama different from other lactation brands?

    Unlike the other brands, what makes us different: 1) we don't just help with your milk supply, we want to make sure that we are nourishing your body with protein and superfoods to help aid with postpartum recovery 2) Our smoothies contain less than half amount of sugar found in other lactation products 3) We don't use refined sugars. 4) All our lactation products are vegan friendly, dairy free and gluten free.

    If the smoothies don't work, can i get a refund?

    If you have taken our lactation products everyday for more than 4 days and have not seen a result, we do provide refunds for some of our lactation products.

    Please see our refund policy for more details on which products we provide refunds for*

    If you are experiencing difficulties with milk supply, we recommend you consult your health care practitioner

    * Refund & Returns Policy

    Are hey mama lactation products meant to be taken as meal replacements or as a snack?

    All our lactation products should be taken AS A SNACK not as complete meal replacements. Smoothies can be meal replacements if other additional ingredients are added to the smoothie e.g. fruits, yoghurts, vegetables. Ideally our smoothies should be taken as a snack substitute and should be taken with a healthy well balanced diet.