The Hot Team

The Hot Team

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The Hot Team

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The tastiest hot choc to nourish your supply and your body  

Ease your busy mum life with a delicious creamy lactation hot choc that not only may support your milk supply but also provides you with the nourishment and energy you deserve. 

🌟 Support Supply & Nourish Your Body 🧘‍♀️ 
😋 Tasty & Full of Flavour 🤤
✅ Clean & Low In Sugar - 2.2g  🌟
☕️ 30 cups of warm, tasty & nourishing goodness

PLUS,  I make milk, what's your super powder?" mug!
    • Money Back Guarantee

    • Natural & Organic Ingredients

    • Dairy &
      Gluten Free

    Why THOUSANDS of Mums LOVE the Hot Choc 😍

    Key Info


    ✔️Our Top 3 Best Seller: Full flavoured guilt-free, creamy hot chocolate designed to support supply, give you a boost of energy and taste amazing.

    ✔️ LOVED by THOUSANDS of mums across Australia (5 star reviews) 

    ✔️ Ultra-clean blend: Made with over 40% pure alkalised cocoa powder, a higher concentration of the same high quality German gluten free brewer's yeast used in our protein smoothie and added MCT oil for energy.

    ✔️ The Milk'N Hot Choc is your new warm breast friend. Something tasty and nourishing to comfort you after a long day, like a warm hug.

    ✔️ Look forward to, guilt free: Unlike most lactation hot chocolates, our isn't loaded with sugar and our first ingredient isn't sugar! We kept things clean but tasty so you can look forward to it, guilt free!

    ✔️ Safe for babies with sensitive tummies: Made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients, vegan friendly, dairy and gluten free and free from soy and refined sugar. 



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    Standard Shipping for Samplers i.e. 1-4x single sachets: $9.50 and takes 2- 8  business days.

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    Method 1 with hot water: Mix 2 teaspoons (10g) of hot chocolate in 200ml of hot water and add a splash of your favourite milk. 

    Method 2 with hot water & milk: Mix 2 teaspoons (10g) of hot chocolate, add splash of hot water (50ml), stir and add 200ml of your favourite milk.

    Start with the foundation of eating right and hydrating well, then add Hey Mama Lactation Protein Smoothie to support your milk supply and overall well being.

    Note: Hey Mama Products are not intended as a replacement for lactation and postnatal support. Please discuss the use of this product and any lactation supplements with your lactation consultant or healthcare provider.

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    Get The Support You Deserve



    Pure Alkalised Cocoa

    Made with over 40% of pure alkalised dutch cocoa powder.


    MCT Oil

    A natural source that helps supports sustained energy.


    High Quality GF Brewer's Yeast

    We use a higher concentration of the same high quality german gluten free brewer's yeast we use in our no.1 lactation protein smoothie.


    Coconut Milk

    Gives the hot chocolate the creamy taste and contains good healthy fats that help with recovery.

    🌸 Hear What Other Mums Say 🌸

    LOVED by thousands of mums across Australia ( 5 star reviews)

    I would literally drink it without breastfeeding - its that good!


    I’ve got one happy little milk monster now that I’ve been having these daily smoothies! - Jessica

    I'm always able to pump extra whenever I have this drink. It's indispensable for me.


    truly a life saver when you are having a sweet carving but you want a healthier option the hot choc is excellent. - Kaylah

    Completely delicious, low sugar, warms your bones. Honestly can’t get enough.


    I have it at night for a relaxing treat and I’ve been able to build up a great stash. - Ebony

    The Milk'N Choc is your new breast friend 🤱

    The MANY REASONS why Mums use/love Hot Choc ☕️

    Money Back Guarantee

    Froth it or your money back!

    Everyone is different and one mama's holy grail could be another's total flop. That’s ok! Just hit us up and our dedicated customer service team will take care of you.

    Visit our refund page for more details.

    We’re A Bit Pricey, But There’s A Reason Why...


    I’m not sure about the taste, do you have sample packs?

    Yes, we do have sample packs. Click here to see our sample packs

    Can I take the hot choc while pregnant?

    We recommend mums wait until they are 36 weeks or after birth to take the smoothies. We suggest 36 weeks as some mums may start expressing a few weeks prior from giving birth.

    However, we highly recommend that before taking the hot choc that pregnant mums seek professional advice from their GP first to be safe as every mum's dietary and health needs are different.

    Can I take the hot choc even after I have stopped breastfeeding?

    Yes, you can still consume the smoothies even after you stop breastfeeding/pumping.

    If I am pregnant and purchase a bag now but want to wait until the baby is here, how long is the shelf life? 

    The shelf life of our hot choc is typically over 12 months so you can buy the smoothies in advance.

    When and how often can I take the hot choc?

    Majority of our mums like to have the hot choc in the mornings or evening when they want something warm.

    Where is Hey Mama made?

    All our products are made in Australia.

    When will I start seeing results?

    Every mama is different! Most will see results within 3-4 days, some sooner, some later 7-14, and for a few, maybe not at all.

    Just like every mother is different, so are our  breastfeeding journeys. We recommend to also doing the following:  

    - Regular pumping and power pumping for the first 2-3 days.

    - Regular latching 

    - Drink lots of water

    **If you are concerned with your supply, we highly recommend you speak to a health care practitioner or a lactation consultant.

    What if the hot choc don’t work, can I get a refund? 

    Yes you can. We offer a 30 day money guarantee*.

    *All returns must be requested within 30 days of the order date.

    We provide refunds for the following products: sample packs, 300g products and 750g products. 

    All items must be pre-approved for return by emailing us at

    Customers are responsible for shipping costs back to Hey Mama. 

    The following products and conditions are excluded from our guarantee:

    - All bundle orders 

    - Orders over $100

    Visit our returns & refunds page for more detail.

    If you are unsure if a product is right for you or you will like the taste, we suggest you try our sample packs first.

    What should I do if I am concerned and experiencing difficulties with my supply?

    If you are experiencing difficulties with your milk supply, please consult your health care practitioner or lactation consultant as they can properly access your situation and provide you with some tailored recommendations.