Lactation Snack Bundle - Hot Choc 300g & Choc Chip Cookies - (3x180g)

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Hot Choc N Cookies - THE Perfect Snack Combo 

Mouthwatering, fresh-from-the-oven choc chip cookies with a decadent, full flavoured hot chocolate on the side.

  • Both contain Milk-inducing goodness from galactagogues (Cookies: oats, flaxseed gluten free brewer’s yeast, Hot Choc:  gluten free brewer’s yeast )
  • Vegan protein to assist with recovery and keep hunger pangs at bay (cookies)
  • Superfoods likes MCT oil to help give you that much needed energy boost (hot choc)
  • Both are friendly for babies with sensitive tummies (dairy free & gluten free) 
  • Quick & easy to make, just add milk, bake and ready in 12 mins! (cookies)
  • Makes 30 -36 cookies and 30 cups of hot chocolate

Oh, did we mention… both are all natural, free from refined sugars and are TASTY AF!  #micdrop

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Gluten &
    Dairy Free