*FREE SAMPLE* Lactation Matcha Latte - 1 Serve

Want to dip your toe into the Matcha Latte to see if you even like the taste? We've got you, this sample is for you

Stoneground organic Japanese matcha, blended with creamy coconut milk and vanilla flavour to help support milk supply and give you that much needed energy boost and moment of zen 

  • Made with organic stoneground Japanese matcha 
  • Milk-inducing goodness gluten free brewer’s yeast
  • Superfoods likes MCT oil to help give you that much needed energy boost
  • Organic Prebiotic Inulin Fibre to help with digestion and gut health
  • No artificial flavours, preservatives, sweeteners 
  • CAUTION* Matcha Latte contains 17mg caffeine per serve. An average cup of coffee contains 60mg-140mg. The recommended maximum daily caffeine consumption whilst breastfeeding is 300mg. Note, this is only a general guide. Caffeine sensitivity varies for each baby. Use with caution. We recommend that you first consult with your GP or health care practitioner.
  • Versatile and easy to use, can be made into a hot or cold matcha latte

Oh, did we mention… it’s also vegan friendly, all natural, free from soy and refined sugars, contains only 2.4g of sugar per serve and is TASTY AF! #micdrop 

Matcha Latte is delicious, I wake up looking forward to it every day. It's not too sweet like some can be, and has a proper matcha powder taste. Highly recommend.

Brooke T

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Milk Supply & Feeds

Energy & mood

Healthy & Tasty Snack

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Hey Mama VS Others

Hey Mama Matcha Latte

First ingredient is coconut milk

Grown in Japan

Organic stoneground matcha

Contains MCT oil for energy

Contains prebiotic inulin fiber

Low in sugar, only 2.4g

Dairy & Gluten Free

Other Matcha Lattes

First ingredient is sugar

Unspecifed, typically from China

Not organic

No added MCT

No prebiotic fiber

High in sugar

Contains dairy and/or gluten

Key Ingredients

Organic Japanese Matcha

Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee and is rich in antioxidants and the amino acid L-theanine, leaving you invigorated and focused.

Coconut MCT Oil

MCT oil is particularly common for those following ketogenic diet as it assists with mental clarity, energy and appetite control

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a good source of healthy fats and nutrients such as lauric and capric acid which may help with producing rich breastmilk

Brewer's Yeast (Gluten free)

Brewer's yeast is a probiotic used to support lactation and is also a source of B vitamins

Organic Inulin Prebiotic Fibre

Inulin is a type of dietary fiber derived from plants. It can help diversify the gut microbiome (which is a sign of gut health) and provide fuel for good bacteria in your gut. Inulin also adds bulk to your stool and increases the frequency of your bowel movements.

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Froth it Or Your Money Back!

Hey mama, everyone is different and one mama's holy grail could be another's total flop.

That’s why you’re covered by a  30-day guarantee. If you don’t love the product, if it doesn’t work as expected, or if you have any problems at all — you can get a refund*.

No hassle or hoops to jump through. Simply contact our Aussie based customer care team and we’ll help you!

*Please visit our refund policy page for more details.

How to Use

How often: 1-2 twice a day during times especially when you need a energy boost.

*For more ideas, visit our IG Recipe page: @heymamasrecipes

**Please note that Hey Mama products are not a meal replacement. They should be used with well balanced diet and good hydration**

***If you are experiencing difficulties with milk supply, please consult your health care practitioner


Does the matcha latte contain caffeine?

Yes. Contains 17mg caffeine per serve. An average cup of coffee contains 60mg-140mg. The recommended maximum daily caffeine consumption whilst breastfeeding is 300mg. Note, this is only a general guide. Caffeine sensitivity varies for each baby. We recommend you speak to your GP or healthcare practitioner before purchasing the product.

Can i take the product while pregnant?

Although some of our mums have taken our hot chocolate a few days from giving birth, we recommend that pregnant mums seek professional advice from their GP first to be safe as every mum's dietary and health needs are different.

When will i start seeing results?

Just like with everything in life, it varies as every mama is different. But we have had some mamas see results within 24hrs after taking 1-2 serves and some 3-4 days. We recommend that mamas try the product continuously for 3-4 days.

Is Hey mama made in australia?

We are 100% owned and made in Australia!

Why are all Hey mama's lactation products vegan friendly, dairy and gluten free?

Most of the lactation products on the market are NOT vegan friendly dairy free or gluten free which makes it especially hard for mums with babies who have sensitive tummies.

If matcha latte doesn't work or I don't like it, can i get a refund?

We’d be surprised if you didn’t totally love your Matcha Latte. However, we appreciate everyone has unique preferences and expectations. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Send us back the Matcha Latte and we refund you the cost minus the shipping.

For more details on our refund policy, visit our refund policy page.

If you are experiencing difficulties with milk supply and are very concern, we recommend you consult your health care practitioner.


Get 10% off. Use code: WINTER22 at checkout.

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