UV Portable Steriliser

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UV Portable Steriliser

Regular price $50.00 AUD Sale price $30.00 AUD
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The Handy Portable Cleaner That Sterilises Pacifiers And Teething Toys Anywhere in 60 seconds    

Kills 99.7% of germs and bacteria without water.

  • Sterilise bottle teats, pacifiers, nipple shields and teething toys
  • Powered for both on-the-go and home use
  • Portable, lightweight and compact 
  • Neutralises odours 
  • Safe and ergonomic design 
  • Easy-to-use single button operation   

Oh, did we mention… it’s also made with safe and durable materials, free from chemicals and looks pretty cute too! #micdrop 

Stay germ free whenever and wherever you are

Kills 99.7% of germs

Compact & Travel Friendly

Sterilise in 60 Seconds: toys, pacifiers, teats, shields

Convenient, reliable and easy!

Benefits You Will Love With Our Portable Steriliser Case


Disinfect - Whenever and Wherever

Kills 99.7% of germs and bacteria whenever and wherever you need.


Automatic Safety Shut Off Design

Automatic safety shutoff when case is opened to prevent UV overexposure.


Residual Free

Lease no water or chemical residual behind.


Multi-Object Sterilisation

Safely sterilise your baby and maternity products like teething toys, pacifiers, nipple shields, bottle nipples.


Portable & Light

Compact and travel friendly


Use On-the-go Or at home

Runs on batteries for use on the go OR power cord while at home


Chemical Free

Using safe UV light with no hidden or harmful chemicals.


Sterilise in 60 seconds

Emiting pulses of ultraviolet light to effective kill nasty germs and bacteria.


Is the product portable?

Yes! It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not supplied).

Has the case been labortory tested for Sterilisation?

Yes! Our cases has been tested by a microbiology lab and has been proved to kill 99.7% of germs of bacteria and germs in 60 seconds.

What is the case made of?

The case is made from ABS and the strap is made from food grade silicone

Does the case require assembly?

No! It comes fully assembled. You just need to put in 3x AAA batteries or plug it in with the supplied power cord.

Do I need to clean the case?

No cleaning is required!

What if I don't like it?

We’d be surprised if you didn’t totally love your portable steriliser case. However, we appreciate everyone has unique preferences and expectations. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Send us back the portable steriliser and we refund you the cost minus the shipping.

For more details on our refund policy, visit our refund policy page.