Yas Queen Vegan Protein Smoothie 400g - 10 SERVINGS

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Perfect if you're easing back

Delivers a big hit of protein and superfoods - perfect if you're easing back into exercise or in need of some extra energy to power through the day 

  • 20g of vegan protein
  • Postpartum and post-workout recovery 
  • Helps keep hunger pangs at bay
  • Superfoods likes MCT oil for a boost in energy 
  • Digestive enzymes to help break down plant protein easier and reduce bloating and maximise nutrient absorption
  • Probiotics to support gut health 
  • Versatile and easy to use (can be added in smoothies, baked into foods or drunk straight up with water or milk.) 

Oh, did we mention… it’s organic, all natural, free from refined sugars and is TASTY AF!  #micdrop

    • Vegan Friendly

    • Gluten &
      Dairy Free

    When To Use

    We've got you during the times you need an extra boost to get through


    When you need something quick and satisfying. Suitable for the whole family.


    To help with muscle recovery and assist with weight loss

    Kick hunger pangs

    Fuel your body with good nutrition & stay on track with your health goals

    Gut Health

    Digestive enzymes and probiotics to support gut health and maximise nutrient absorption

    Key Ingredients

    Vegan Protein

    Pea protein and brown rice added to support increased demands of postpartum healing and milk production. Contains all 9 essential amino acids and also help regulates appetite.

    Coconut MCT Oil

    MCT oil is particularly common for those following ketogenic diet as it assists with mental clarity, energy and appetite control

    Digestive Enzymes

    Add digestive enzymes to assist with protein absorption and assimilation into the bloodstream.


    10 million cfu of probiotics which may improve overall gut health by eliminating harmful gut bacteria.

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    How to Use

    How often: Whenever you are need of nutritious protein boost. Especially before or after physical workouts. Remember to feed your body so it can recover better and faster.

    *For more ideas, visit our IG Recipe page: @heymamasrecipes

    **Please note that Hey Mama products are not a meal replacement shake. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet.



    Can i take the smoothies while pregnant?

    Although some of our mums have taken our smoothies a few days from giving birth to nourish their body, we recommend that pregnant mums seek professional advice from their GP first to be safe as every mum's dietary and health needs are different.

    Why is protein intake important whilst breastfeeding?

    Protein needs are nearly 30% greater while breastfeeding than non lactating women. This is because mums burn up to 500 calories from breastfeeding.

    Is Hey mama made in australia?

    We are 100% owned and made in Australia!

    What makes Hey mama from other brands?

    Unlike the brands, what makes us different is: 1) Most of the mamas who use our Yas Queen Smoothies are mamas who have loved and seen results from breastfeeding protein smoothie 2) Yas Queen Protein Smoothie was created specifically for mamas 3) We have been told multiple times that our vegan protein smoothie is one of the best tasting on the market 4) We use only natural and organic ingredients

    Is the Yas Queen Smoothie meant to be taken as meal replacements or as a snack?

    All our lactation products should be taken AS A SNACK not as complete meal replacements. But if you want to take our products as meal replacements of breakfast or lunch, we recommend that you add other ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, yoghurt and grains to make it a little bit more filling. Ideally, they should be taken with a healthy well balanced diet.