Hey Mamas Guide to Self-Care - The Ultimate Mum Hacks

It’s bloody tough juggling motherhood and self-care. Without a plan, that tough can easily turn into impossible. Don’t forget though, mama matters too!

With that in mind, we went out and crowdsourced the best hacks for finding a moment to dedicate to YOU throughout the day. Treat yo’self girl, because #mamatoo

  • I set my laptop up in the bathroom so the milk vampire can watch cartoons while I have a nice long soak.

  • I hide in the walk in robe with my laptop and watch YouTube videos and drink coffee... alone

  • I go to the gym when my hubby gets home from work a couple of nights a week. I need this to stay sane

  • Hahaha I have none besides essential oils and meditation before bed when the kids are all sleeping 

  • Set the kids up with a movie and popcorn so I can go shower and do my skin care 

  • Ignore the washing piling up and hope the hubby does it 🙈

  • Pre cut fruit! Cutting fruit when holding a baby & a hungry toddler is hard

  • Sort and pack everything I need for the following day the night before.

  • I give my baby a plastic bottle with a bit of water in it to play with, that allows me about 15 minutes to do my skincare and makeup

  • I used to pop my baby in the jolly jumper while I was having a shower, it was in the doorway of the bathroom

  • Go for a walk when you can, try to eat well and drink lots of water for plenty of energy 🙌

  • My mum hack is daycare 🤣

  • Get up early before kids or stay up after kids go to sleep 🤷‍♀️

  • Pre open your snacks the night before so your children can’t hear you hiding in the pantry opening them 😂

  • I have days that while bub is sleeping I don’t do housework I do ‘me work’ instead. Who cares if the dishes don’t get done for one day 🤷🏽‍♀️
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