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The OG Lactation Protein Smoothie

Our lactation protein smoothie helps boost your milk supply while being the convenient, nutrient dense snack.

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Thank you for making this BF journey so much more positive than my last!

It might not seem like much, but 3 days ago I was pumping for 30mins and struggled to get 5mls. Today 15mins and 55mls!!! I felt like HEYMAMA were working but after only two days I am amazed at how fast!


HEYMAMA has definitely given me back my will to continue on

I was probably a week off totally giving up BF as i was struggling that bad. But now my supply has pretty much doubled in a week of using HEYMAMA in my coffee, there's no way I'm giving up! The smoothie has definitely given me back my will to continue on and made the process of BF so much less stressful for me and i couldn't be happier!


I am able to build up my freezer supply quicker!

I can always tell the difference when I use it as well, my boobs feel fuller, I am able to build up my freezer supply quicker and I have more confidence that Felix is getting what he needs - recently I've had so much high flow milk that its spurted out of Felix's nose!!


I normally pump for 20mins to get 50ml. Last couple of days over 120mls in 10mins!

I have been trialling for 2 weeks and was in disbelief that HEYMAMA would make much of a difference but WOW!


Literally 250ml in a 30 minute pump session!

I was lucky to only get around 100ml after a pumping session. I am now seeing results that have boosted my supply right back up to when my milk first came in, if not even more. Literally 250ml in a 30 minute pump session!


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