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Lactation Hot Chocolate

Lactation Hot Chocolate

Nourish Your Milk Supply and Energy with Every Sip

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Hear From Our Happy Mamas

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  • Free shipping on orders over $120

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Over 400+ 5 Star Reviews

Real Stories from Real Mums

Breastfeeding Mums - Highly Recommend this. It tastes SO good, has no nasties, helps your milk flow with brewer's yeast, AND has minimal sugar. I would literally drink it without BF - it's that good!


I wanna start off by saying how DELICIOUS this is! Definitely gives me my chocolate fix. The packet is huge and comes with a scoop so you always get the right amount and lasts ages. I have noticed an increase in my supply, I'm much fuller before each feed than I was before. It didn't take me long to notice improvements. Super happy with my purchase!

@Jess J.

Best tasting, gluten free & milk making hot chocolate! I’ve been drinking consistently for over a year & keep coming back to it. Now that I’m back at work and still breastfeeding, I put a shot of coffee in my hot chocolate and enjoying a mocha to give me the energy I need for the day. Absolutely love it!


I really like the taste and how it’s not too sweet, just right. I have the hot choc every morning with my oat porridge, and I do feel it helps my supply though not sure how much. I don’t usually like hot chocolate but I look forward to having Hey Mama milk n hot choc every day :)

@Sisilia T.

This breastfeeding hot chocolate is actually the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted in my life!

@Jess J.

Love milk n’ hot choc and I’ve noticed an increase in my supply since using it. It’s packed full of flavour, even when I add extra oat milk. I prefer drinking it cold (great for summer) and made sure to bring a pack for the few days I spent in hospital post-birth. Thanks heymamas!

@Rachel C.

How to Use

Step 1
Add 2 teaspoons (10g) of hot chocolate to your cup.
Step 2
Add splash of hot water 50ml-100ml and 100-150ml of warm milk of your choice.
Step 3
Stir to mix well and enjoy! 1-2 serves a day is recommended. Can be taken pre/during/post feeding.

Hey Mama vs others

Hey Mama Hot Choc

Other Cookies

Other hot chhoc

Less than 2.5g sugar per serve

Added MCT oil for energy

Over 50% is rich cocoa & coconut milk

High quality GF brewer's yeast

Amazing taste

Dairy & Gluten Free

High quality ingredients

Pure Alkalised Cocoa

High Quality GF Brewer's Yeast


Coconut Milk Powder

Pure Alkalised Cocoa

Made with over 40% pure alkalised Dutch cocoa powder, providing a rich, chocolatey flavor that sets our hot chocolate apart.

High Quality GF Brewer's Yeast

We use a higher concentration of high-quality, gluten-free brewer’s yeast from Germany, the same ingredient trusted in our top-rated lactation protein smoothie to support lactation.


A natural source of sustained energy, MCT oil helps you stay energized throughout the day, making it perfect for busy mums.

Coconut Milk Powder

Coconut milk powder gives our hot chocolate its creamy texture and contains healthy fats that support recovery and overall wellness.

Other FAQs

I’m not sure about the taste, do you have sample packs?

Yes, we do have sample packs. Click here to see our sample packs

Can I take the hot choc even after I have stopped breastfeeding?

Yes, you can still consume the hot choc even after you stop breastfeeding/pumping.

If I am pregnant and purchase a bag now but want to wait until the baby is here, how long is the shelf life? 

The shelf life of our lactation protein smoothie is typically over 12 months so you can buy the hot choc in advance.

What makes you different from other hydration drinks?

1) Our first ingredient isn't sugar! If you read the ingredient list of other brands, the first ingredient listed is sweetener/sugar/sucrose OR flavouring. The first ingredient list in a product indicates what the bulk of the product is made with. Hydrate up is made up of over 75% organic water and plant based minerals.

2) Low in sugar - only 1.3g of sugar per serve compared to over 12g of some of the popular brands.

3) We use methylated folate not folic acid. Methylated Folate is highly bioavailable form that your body can absorb

4) Majority of our ingredients are real not processed - real natural sources such as red algae, coconut and Australian fruit.

Where is Hey mama made?

All our products are made in Australia.

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Lactation Hot Chocolate

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