Welcome to the Mamatoo Movement

Hey Mama! Thanks for taking some time to sit down and read this… congrats girl, that’s the first step to getting in on the Mama Too action!

Let’s skip the chit chat and jump right into the deep and meaningful… I know what you’re going through. Right now, you’re talking to a mama. Been there, done that, kind of thinking I might go in for a repeat performance. Motherhood is amazing but it’s also the toughest thing I’ve ever done, especially in those first weeks. The sleepless nights, the tears, the hunger, the neverending nappies… and that was just me. 

They say parenthood changes you. It does! Overnight, it was like a switch flipped and I was an entirely new person, I was Mum. The problem was that I felt like I was looking at a stranger in the mirror and I had no idea who this person was. From the time I woke up until I went to bed (plus all the night time wakeups), my entire world revolved around this little life I created. It was honestly the most beautiful time but it took me a while to realise that I needed to make time for myself. I needed to nourish my mind, body and soul and learn who I had become. I needed to take care of Mama Too.

Look, at Hey Mama we are all about celebrating mamahood but some days, we feel like all mothers can use the reminder that they’re not just a mum. You are not just a wife, just a sister, daughter, lover, friend. We can be all of these and so much more. Mama, we are magnificent and it’s time to own that and say Mama matters too.

We are building a community of like minded women who want to own their mamahood, support their fellow mamas and recognise that raising a mini doesn’t mean you sacrifice your health, humour or any of the AMAZING  things that make you YOU.

Don’t get us wrong, we KNOW what a priority that little sleep thief is. They’re precious, tiny and basically the best thing in the world. We aren’t saying they don’t come first… mine sure as hell does! What we are saying is that “bub is SUPER important... but Mama is too!”

We’re on a mission to see mamas make self-care a priority. If it helps, just remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup. So drink your coffee hot. Have a hot bath. Read a chapter of your favourite book. Go to the gym. Nourish your body. Don’t forget Mama Too.

Thank you for joining our little community. If you’ve got advice about taking care of Mama Too, please reach out! We want to share everyones stories - the triumphs, tears, shits and giggles, all of it! Dad jokes and bad puns are optional but highly encouraged.

Peace out mama