Hey Mama Pink Smoothie

What’s better than chocolate..? Pink chocolate, of course! Alison from Mum Made Yumhttps://www.instagram.com/mum_made_yum/) has hooked us up with another mouthwatering creation. 

“Hey Mamas Group Lactation Protein Smoothie is infused with natural and organic ingredients, including açai berry, cacao and golden flaxseed. Plus it tastes amazing and boosts milk supply!”

It’s true, some days even we get blown away by how impressive our shake is. 


Frozen mango #mango

Frozen banana #banana

2 scoops Hey Mama chocolate lactation smoothie powder

Splash of milk #milk

1 tsp Pink Pataya powder 

Top with Berry Granola



Dust off your blender and toss the lot (except for the granola) in 

Mix away, sprinkle that granola like fairy dust all over


Drink and enjoy! 😋