Refreshing Lunchtime Smoothie

Who said smoothies were just for breakfast? Defs not me. My girl Alison from Mum Made Yum (link - has me frothing over this lunchtime concoction.

Buckle in, whip one up and let's get a little bit wild with this breastfeeding friendly liquid lunch!

“The secret to a smooth and creamy smoothie? Frozen banana and frozen mango!

I almost always use them as the smoothie base and add other ingredients depending on my desired flavour.”



Frozen banana 

Frozen mango 

Frozen raspberries 

Fresh blueberries 

Dash of milk 

A few scoops of the delicious Hey Mama Double Chocolate Protein Smoothie  

Topped with yoghurt, granola and frozen blueberries 



Combine frozen banana, mango, raspberries, fresh blueberries, milk and Hey Mama Double Chocolate Protein Smoothie into a blender and blitz it all together until it’s smoother than Frank Sinatra.

Pour into a glass (we are digging this mason jar for a fancy vibe) and top with yoghurt, granola and frozen blueberries.

Voila Mama! Now kick back and enjoy!