Obsessed, in a good way

We make products we want to take because we are parents ourselves. Which is why we are committed to the highest standard of quality.

Thoughtfully curated

We start with the challenges that a new mum has and what solutions are currently available. Are they effective? Are they convenient? How can we help make a mum’s postpartum recovery easier? These are the questions we ask ourselves. We don’t create products that are like what’s already on the market, we go a step further.

We find ways to give mamas all natural functional products, so they can feel their best and be the best mum they can be.


We first start with research: we choose ingredients that are well established and when possible are backed by science. We then consult postpartum experts and nutritionists to carefully select ingredients that are as effective as possible and easiest for the body to digest and absorb. Our food technician then works on taste and flavour.

Fresh from the Source

We take sourcing seriously because ingredient quality influences potency and bioavailability. We only use natural ingredients and where possible organic ingredients and we source ingredients from around the globe and we want to work with farmers and suppliers who are committed to quality and ethical harvesting methods like Niulife. Niulife is our supplier for coconut ingredients such as coconut milk, MCT and nectar sugar. Niulife is committed to providing 100% certified natural coconut products sourced from ethical producers and gives back 100% to their local communities- making them a different kind of company.


All the ingredients that we use are tested three times throughout the supply chain. The products are manufactured in Australia under strict quality assurance procedures and practices ensuring that all products comply with Australian Food Laws (FSANZ).

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