Limited Edition Hey Mama Magnets

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Limited Edition Hey Mama Magnets

Regular price $3.36
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Hey mama! Breastfeeding is thirsty work, and hungry work, also bloody tiring work! We thought about bringing out a range of positive affirmation bedding and cushions but decided that’s a bit extra even by our standards. 

Instead, we figured that the fridge is one of the most visited spots in the house so where better to give you a little reminder that you’re rocking the sh*t out of this motherhood gig!

Feast your eyes on our range of magnets, designed to inspire, uplift and remind you to be your own cheerleader every day.

- 10cm x 15cm

- Strong enough to actually hold up a piece of paper (tested on grocery lists for hubs and pizza vouchers)

- Guaranteed to be your daily reminder that you’ve got this