Survey - Thank You Mama!

Thank you mama for taking the time to let us know more about you! 

If you love our products and would like to share in a 60-90 second video testimonial, doesn't need to be flash, using your phone in your PJs is fine.


If we like your video and want to share it with other mamas we'll send you a $100 store credit as thanks for your courage haha :P

The musts:

  • We need to clearly see your face speaking (no filters preferably)
  • Needs to be in a minimal distraction place so we can hear you (no tv/radio in background)
  • Show the Hey Mama product you're sharing at least once
  • 60-90 seconds video minimum, feel free to go for longer 
  • Have fun, it's for other mamas so all good to be casual like you're speaking to your bestie

Video outline:

  1. Quick intro and show product 
  2. What was your situation before buying and why you originally purchased this product eg. not producing enough milk for bub, concern over bub's weight, going back to work and need boost for milk stash, need more nutrition as you're not taking care of yourself
  3. What you love about the product. What results have you seen eg. tasty, convenience, boost in supply, got a milk stash going, bub sleeps better, big haul from morning letdown
  4. Your would recommendation to other mamas to try product

Some examples:




Send your video to and we'll get back to you soon (if video too big to send via email let us know and we'll organise a dropbox link), thank you again for your love and support mama!