The Gold Vault Parenting Resource Library

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The Gold Vault Parenting Resource Library

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Ditch the overwhelm. Make early parenting easier.

Lifetime access to digital parenting tools and resources like Templates, cheatsheets, cards, planners, Budget Spreadsheets and more! that you can easily use right away.

🤰🏽Pregnancy & Birth: Birth Plan Template, Pregnancy and baby expense tracker, baby shower planner, Monthly to-do checklist, Safe food reference guide. 

💰Work & Finance: Family monthly budget spreadsheet, Monthly bills calendar, Savings planner spreadsheet, Parental leave 'cheatsheet guide' and work and finance planning templates

💬 Communication: Helpful communication scripts for tough conversations with your partner, family to help with better understanding and connection

 🏠 Home Duties: Household chores planner, 80+ Parenting duties and house chores cards to print out, discuss and divide with your partner

🏔️ Challenges: Weight-loss spreadsheet tracker and planner, Hey Mama's Big Recipe Ebook 55 recipes, Baby's first food checklist, Baby's poop colour reference guide, Breastmilk storage reference guide. 


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Practical Toolkit For Early Parenthood

No more endless searching online and struggling in silence...

Bitesize solutions within your fingertips.

👩‍⚕️ Midwife Certified ✅

Parenthood challenges and dilemmas, wrapped in short familiar stories, with easy peasy solutions and comforting wisdom.

Tackle visible and invisible challenges with bitesize tactics

Get to the heart of the issue, with short, easy to follow action steps.

Learn with engaging stories

Using familiar stories from Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars and more; to guide you through parenting dilemmas.

Access a treasure trove of extra parenting tools and resources

The Gold Vault is a digital library bank of additional parenting tools such as templates spreadsheets, cheatsheets that accompany the cards to make it super convenient.

Navigate all the challenging areas of the early parenting journey

Key Info

Explore 9 crucial areas of early parenthood

🤰🏽PREGNANCY & BRITH - 4 cards
  • -- The First Trimester
  • -- The Second Trimester
  • -- The Third Trimester
  • -- Labour & Delivery
🔎 EXPLORE - 4 cards
  • -- Practical and fun pregnancy activities to do
  • -- Meaningful conversations to have with your partner during pregnancy
  • -- Wellbeing check-in questions to ask each other during the newborn phase
  • -- Magical bonding activities to have with your baby and as family
🏔️ CHALLENGES - 10 cards
  • -- Postpartum recovery
  • -- Sleep training
  • -- Sleep deprivation
  • -- Navigating baby's mood and cries
  • -- How to approach intimacy again
  • -- Getting back into shape
  • -- Navigating breastfeeding
  • -- Navigating baby's health
  • -- Starting solids
  • -- Baby's growth and development
💸 WORK & FINANCE - 6 cards
  • Balancing career and parenthood
  • -- How to prepare for parental leave
  • -- Returning back to work
  • -- Navigating financial difficulties
  • -- Working out the family's finance including creating a family budget
  • -- Planning the family's financial future.
  • -- Delegating household responsibilities
  • -- Managing house chores
  • -- Approaching parenting duties as a couple
  • -- Navigating unsolicited advice
  • -- Communicating as new parents
  • -- How to ask for support from your love ones
  • -- Managing couple conflicts
  • -- How to set boundaries with family
  • -- How to communicate with your parents and in-laws
  • -- Reigniting our bond as a couple
  • -- How to maintain our bond as new parents
  • -- How to approach friendships
  • -- My child's relationship with their grandparents
  • -- My relationship with my parents and in-laws
  • My relationship with my older child/children
💖 NURTURING - 5 cards
  • -- How to approach discipline
  • -- How to nurture your own personal growth
  • -- How to support your partner's personal growth
  • -- How to approach self care for yourself
  • -- How to nurture your baby's growth and development
🎁 BELIEFS & VALUES - 5 cards
  • -- Community contribution
  • -- How to approach gifting
  • -- Navigating our family's beliefs
  • -- Figuring out our family goals
  • -- Figuring out our family traditions

Each parenting challenge, decoded with a story your know.

Each challenge fits on a card with a familiar story on the front that short and engaging.

Step-by-step instructions with heartfelt guidance

On the back are instructions and prompts, told using the same story so it's engaging and easy to follow.

How it works - Demo

What you get with Liquid Gold Deck

A premium toolkit that guides you through the visible and invisible challenges of early parenthood.

50 unique cards to explain an aspect of parenting with step-by-step instructions and guidance that will first help parents relate and then work through the challenge so they can thrive in the early parenting journey.


Templates, cheatsheets, cards, planners, spreadsheets that you can easily use right away.

Some challenging aspects of parenting like finance or postpartum recovery are accompanied with a digital resource like a spreadsheet or planner so you can easily download and use.

Sneak peak inside the Gold Vault

Midwife Certified ✅

"Being a midwife, I've seen so many parents grapple with issues they never anticipated. I had the pleasure of having helped review and test The Liquid Gold Deck with my partner as we are new parents. This deck bridges that knowledge gap, ensuring you're prepared, and the stories it uses are relatable so it's not overwhelming." - Tylah McConnell.

They are my go-to when I feel overwhelmed.

" These cards are so cute! They are my go-to when I feel overwhelmed especially in the early mornings. My favourite message, "In this ocean of parenthood, you're not alone. You have each other, just like Marlin had Dory. Keep communicating, supporting and most importantly, finding moments of joy together."

Chantz. S

Definitely feel more prepared.

"With this, we're more in sync, less overwhelmed, and definitely feel more prepared." - Victoria

Victoria R

Supporting you throughout Pregnancy to 1st year of Parenthood

Money Back Guarantee

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Why is the Liquid Gold Deck expensive? Isn't it just a deck of cards?

The Liquid Gold Deck is not just a deck of cards. It's a parenting resource toolkit designed in card format so it's bitesize and easy to pick up and use anytime you need it.

Plus you get access to the Liquid Gold Vault which contains a library of valuable practical resources that you can use throughout pregnancy and first year parenthood. The contents of the library alone is more than the value of the cards!

I am not a first time parent, is the deck still useful for me?

Yes! The deck is designed not just for first time parents.

Do I get lifetime access to the Gold Vault?

Yes! We also regularly update the gold vault with new resources.